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Choosing Crystals

Once you have declared your intention, choose crystals that will support and enhance your intention. You can choose to use your intuition, researching in crystal books, what you are attracted to, etc.

The center crystal is one of the most important ones as it is the focal point for your intention. I prefer it to be larger than the rest. Types that work very well are spheres, generators. clusters and pyramids but do not have to be restricted to those.

The crystals that are placed around the grid can be rough, tumbled or points along with some small quartz points. The amount of crystals you use is a personal choice and depends on how simple or complicated you want your grid to be.

Cleansing Crystals Crystals must be cleansed before and after you use them by using one of the following methods: smudging, running water, singing bowl, Quartz or Amethyst cluster, Amethyst geode, Buried in dry sea salt Sea salt solution Pennyroyal Flower Essence (the deepest cleanse)

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