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What Are Crystal Vibrations

In the context of crystal healing, the term "crystal vibrations" refers to the belief that crystals have their own unique energetic frequencies or vibrations that can influence the energy of the person or space they are in. It is believed by some that these vibrations can be used to promote healing and balance within the body and mind.

What is Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational medicine is a form of alternative medicine that is based on the belief that all living things have their own unique energetic frequencies or vibrations. It is believed that these vibrations can be used to diagnose and treat imbalances in the body and mind.

There are several different approaches to vibrational medicine, including:

  1. Homeopathy: Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the principle of "like cures like." It involves the use of highly diluted substances that are believed to stimulate the body's natural healing processes.

  2. Herbal medicine: Herbal medicine involves the use of plants or plant extracts to treat various health conditions. It is based on the belief that plants have unique vibrational frequencies that can influence the body's energy.

  3. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body. It is believed to restore balance to the body's energy.

  4. Sound therapy: Sound therapy involves the use of music, chanting, or other sounds to influence the body's energy and promote healing.

What are Crystal Grids

A Crystal Grid is the placement of crystals in a geometric pattern with a center or crystal which directs energy toward a specific goal or intention. It is a place of concentrated power and intention that holds space and energy supporting a task, goal or intention you have stated. It is more powerful than using a single crystal. Most grids are based on Sacred Geometry patterns such as a circle, spiral, flower of life, etc. Alternatively, you can also make your own grid pattern that suits you. They can be very simple, as complicated as you want; or, as small or large as you want. When doing work of this kind be specific in your intention and always come from the highest of intentions for all.

Why use a Crystal Grid?

When we want to create more powerful energy to manifest a goal or intention. It can be used to help yourself or others with any issue. There are so many possibilities of why we would use a grid, such as love, abundance, prosperity, a new job, working on a relationship, working with a health issue, sleeping, Angelic connection, protection, support, etc.

Where To Use A Crystal Grid

Crystal grids can be set up and used just about anywhere, such as, a house, a room, an office, a healing room, a hotel room, your car, etc. Create some sacred space where they will not be disturbed until you feel ready to dismantle them. When setting one up under a healing table, it is set up prior to the client coming and dismantled once the session is over. Remember the crystals must be cleansed before and after use.

Grid Patterns

Even though most grids seem to be in a circular form, there actually is a front, back and sides to it. Some people like to use Magnetic North by using a compass and have the front of your grid aligned in that direction. Some feel having it face East will do the same thing. The best is what feels right to you as that is what will work best with your intention and the crystals you have chosen. Some common grid patterns are:

  • Circle - used for any intention

  • Square - used for protection, strength, stability

  • 5 pointed star - similar to square with added energy to create deep meditative states

  • 6 sided or hexagonal grid - used for any intention

  • Flower of Life - used for any intention • infinity - endless abundance with prosperity, wealth, love, etc.

  • Spiral - used when you want expansion in any area, career, business, prosperity, etc.


Before choosing your crystals, write out your intention of why you want to set up the grid. Being very clear and specific is important so you know exactly what you want to receive. When setting intentions for love it should not be done to try and attract a specific person, as each person has free will.

Some examples of basic intentions are:

Abundance: I give myself permission to open my heart and my arms to receive the abundance of love/money/friendship/protection into my life. This shall be good, true and for the highest good of all.

Business: I give myself permission to receive abundance/money/wealth/success on all levels for my business. This shall be good, true and for the highest good of all.

Romantic Love: I give myself permission to open my heart and my life to attract to me my right romantic life partner. This shall be good, true and for the highest good of all.

Putting The Crystal Grid All Together

Now that you have your intention, your crystals and your base, your grid can be set up. Find a nice quiet place where you can create some sacred space where your grid will not be disturbed.

Angels, Goddesses, spirit guides, etc., can be called in to help and support your intention if you wish. Place your intention in the middle of your space. If using a silk scarf and/or a grid base, place these over your intention. Place your center crystal in the middle of the grid and start placing your next crystals one-by-one in a clockwise direction. You can have more than 1 row of crystals. Place your Quartz points last on the outside.

Placing the terminated ends toward the center of your grid helps direct the energy toward the center crystal This sends the concentrated and combined energy of your intention and the crystals out into the Universe.

Placing the terminated points outward or away from the center, directs the energy outward in all directions and is good for expansion.

Lastly place the 4 Hematite crystals at the 4 corners of your grid. This is optional but creates a shield so other energies do not encroach on your grid.

Once your crystals are placed the grid needs to be activated. I like to use a laser wand for this purpose. Some like to use a Selenite wand, but actually any wand can be used. The use of a wand connects all the crystals energetically. To activate, hold the wand above and point it at the center crystal. As you state your intention, either aloud or silently, draw the wand out to the outer crystal going through each crystal in between as if drawing a line through them. Then move it clockwise to the next crystal then back to the center. Continue around the grid in this fashion until all crystals have been activated ending at your center crystal. The grid is now activated.

Periodically reconnecting with your grid helps to reinforce the intention. It can be cleansed and put back together if need be. A whole room can be made into a grid by placing a sphere or cluster as close to the center of the room as possible over top of your intention. Then place crystals in each of the four corners of the room with a Quartz point being the outer most crystal. Activate the grid with your wand. When meditating with a grid of this size, try sitting on top of the grid pattern holding your center crystal. You then become part of your own grid, truly infusing your energy into your intention.

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